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    Hey guys! Here is where you can find fellow buddies, and critiquers!

    If you are currently looking to revise a section of your Nano novel, or a previous work, and you want partners or a fresh pair of eyes, then here is the place.

    But mostly, we can all introduce ourselves:


    Genre you like to write/read in:

    Project and a short blurb:

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy:

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!):


    So I guess I’ll start!

    Name: Christina

    Genre: YA (Usually Fantasy, or Magical Realism, or Science Fiction or Historical, but as a reader, I’m open to all YA genres!)

    Project: I’ll post two: one for this Nano novel, and one for my Nano ’12 novel

    SuperShinyNovel (2013): A princess with a deadly secret. A scarred prisoner with answers. Two completely different lands. Fairytales and snow and mountains. A boy who leaves his home to seek the truth. Dragons. Myths and a brewing war that could tear down all the mysteries, and destroy everything.

    O. War Novel (2012): In a tumultuous country torn apart by foreign drug contraband, a girl journeys from working at an opera to being a maid in the dangerous Palace and must learn to face her past.

    What I am looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone who is responsive, honest, and fun to write/sprint/edit with! Also, I’m looking for someone who is good with characters and characterization. 🙂

    A fun fact about myself: I was stranded in Denmark this summer.

    (For a night. I was actually on a connecting flight home from Italy, but there was an airport strike in Rome, and the connection was completely messed up. But Denmark was lovely!)

    I am SO pumped for this NaNo! Let’s do it!

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    I wanna do this!

    Name: Adriana

    Genre: YA Fantasy

    Project: This is my draft that I’m trying to revise, but it’s finished (!!!)

    Amberine Witchsight has the Luck of the Black Cat, nine curses that will one day make her the most powerful of witches. But the curses are dangerous, and every time one is released, something horrible happens. From the day she was born, her Luck has been a closely guarded secret, but, now, others know–evil clan witches and wizards, trolls and mortals who are servants to Ure, the demon whose Luck Amberine has.

    And Ure will stop at nothing to get it.

    Working for him, the witches from the Eastern Clan sent Hunter, a witch Tracker with avenging motives of his own, to kill Amberine and bring her body back. Amberine ends up turning him into a spider, bound to her by magic she cannot predict, and forces him to take her to his employer. But the curses are acting up, and when one is released, it leaves her magic-less in a world where all want what she’s not willing to give up.

    There’s nowhere safe to hide. Amberine must kill or be killed. Above all, she must safeguard the Luck, the final piece to awake Ure, or devastating chaos will be unleashed.

    (That was long.)

    What I’m looking for in a CP/Buddy: I want a writing friend and fresh eyes! I need someone who know only the bare minimum about this story to read it and give me an honest opinion of what they thing. Also just somebody to talk to about writing and keep each other motivated 🙂

    A fun fact about myself: This is where I completely blank and forget everything there is to know about me. Sigh.

    Um… Ah… Oh! I give character names instead of my own whenever I order coffee.

    There is this one coffee shop that I go to quite a bit, and the baristas there just shoot me suspicious looks whenever I walk in. As it should be.


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    The coffee thing is hilarious! My friend once ordered pizza for Voldemort, and the order receipt came back with He Who Shall Not Be Named 😛


    Di W.

    This is awesome! Thanks for starting the topic Christina 😀

    Name: Diyana (you can call me Di for short)

    Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

    Project: Unwieldy (working title, only because the WIP refused to be named). This is my “book baby”, the one I want to see through to completion. At it’s heart, it’s about a girl who becomes a spy to gain entrance to the court that holds her best friend captive. There are airships and zeppelins, floating islands and castles in the sky. There are court intrigues and hot romances. And of course, friendship. And magic.

    What I’m looking for in a CP / Buddy: A partner in crime to share the hijinks and (mis)adventures as we embark on our road to publication. More specifically, someone I can sprint, beta-read, brainstorm and edit with while having loads of laughs together. For revisions, I’ll probably need a CP with a good eye for pacing.

    A fun fact about myself: Ack! I’m terrible at these things! *draws a blank*

    Oh oh! Ok, I don’t know if this is a “fun” fact, but I was once pursued by an angry trigger fish while diving in the waters of Koh Samui. This is a fish the size of a small kitchen appliance with teeth that can bite through coral (and bone!), and it continued attacking our dive party for 200 metres before our dive master decided enough was enough and battled it out with the aggressive sea-demon.

    Suffice to say, it was the single most harrowing and exciting experience of my life (barring skydiving, but that was self-inflicted), and if I ever write about merpeople battling crazy fish, I’ll have some first-hand experience to mine from.

    (Important disclaimer: No fish or humans were harmed during this adrenaline-filled chase)


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    OMG, Di, that sounds AMAZING. I volunteer as tribute! (read: I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!)

    And Adriana–that synopsis sounds really, really exciting!

    Also–what are your Nano usernames? I think I’m buddies with you, Adriana…but Di? I’d love to be buddies with you!



    Di W.

    Woohoo! Yay for writing buddies!! I’m SO EXCITED! I spent half the morning setting up my novel on the Nano website, LOL. Resizing images are tricksy…

    My username is diyanawan.  You can check me / my novel out here 😀 Do add me! I’d love you guys as writing buddies!!

    You guys have some amazing sounding novels planned out too! I want ALL THE BOOKS mmm mmm mmm!



    Name: Kim

    Genre you like to write/read in: I’m a YA girl. I’ll read any sub-genre. I love historicals, paranormal, horror, contemporary, mysteries — or anything dark.
    Project and a short blurb: I have two projects.

    The current NaNo2013:

    The Devour: YA Historical

    In 1945, Liliana Blum’s bloodline is a serious problem. Her mother’s Roma — Gypsie, the ignorant call her — and father’s Jewish. In the US, she’s mostly safe, but her loved ones aren’t. Her father, brother and love of her life, Doron, are off fighting in the war. Then her mother mounts an expedition to return to the Czech to save artwork and other valuable cultural items. Lilian is certainly not allowed to go. And so, of course, she uses her contortion skills to sneak along. (There will probably be something paranormal/ghosts in this one — though I’m not sure)

    And my Camp2013 work:

    Liv on Fire: YA Contemporary

     Eight-year-old Olivia “Liv” Grieve is just learning to cope with the death of her twin brother when the serial killer “Agni’s Fire” starts burning through her hometown. The media goes crazy over the elaborate killings, each staged in homage of the Hindu god Agni. On a hike, Liv discovers Chaya Synge painted red and tied to a burning stake.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone who is open, honest, and willing to hash out ideas and receptive to questions/emails. Maybe do a few writing spirits throughout NaNo 🙂
    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I’ve lived in Australia, New Zealand, and France. I loooove to travel.

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    Hooray, Kim! Glad you’re on board!

    Your novel sounds amazing, by the way–it’s a spin on WWII I haven’t heard of before, and I wish you all the luck! 🙂

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    *rolls up sleeves* Okay, here goes!

    Name: Rosanna

    Genre you like to write/read in: I *love* YA fiction even though I’m *cough* not really YA myself anymore. 😉 Especially fantasy, paranormal and all the myriad sub-genres within those.

    Project and a short blurb: Like many of you, I’m working on two projects:

    Swordslave was a NaNo novel in its previous life (I think I drafted it during NaNoWriMo 2011), got completely rewritten, and is now being revised AGAIN. Here’s the one-sentence pitch I wrote for it the other day:

    A rebellious magic-user who’ll do anything to escape her enforced servitude steps out of line once too often—and is given one last chance to prove her obedience before the cold-hearted king has her mind and magic stripped away.

    My fantasy world has demons bound in an ice prison and bled for power, a race of half-demons who are either drugged into docility or severely pissed off, a corrupt religion, unstable magic that could destroy your soul, conspiracies, murders, and of course, slow, smouldering romance!

    Goldentongue is the working title of my NaNo novel … and if you check my entry on the ‘projects’ thread (and my NaNo page, too) you’ll see something completely different up there (Safe Haven)! That’s because Goldentongue just kind of came along and ambushed me two days ago and demanded that I write it instead.

    What I know about it so far is that it’s in a world where magic comes from people’s voices. So, it’s going to have LOTS of magic and magical creatures and things, brooding outlaws, sheltered princesses, and SEARING romance with deep emotion!

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone to go on this crazy writing adventure with, and to hell with all the naysayers! Sometimes I just long to talk about writing with someone who understands, because it gets under my skin and stays there and is such a part of my life that staying silent about it feels like going crazy. And … I don’t know many writers in my day-to-day life, so I don’t get to talk about it as much as I’d like.

    So, to that end, I’d love to meet a writing buddy and critique partner who is passionate about everything to do with writing—the craft and skill, the inspiration, the fickle muses, the polishing and revision, the geeking out about books, the journey towards publication, all of it.

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I sang ‘Castle on a Cloud’ from Les Miserables when I was about … ten or eleven years old. My granddad played piano in a show band and asked me to sing it while he accompanied on piano at a few of their revue nights. At the first performance I was so nervous that my mum, sitting in the front row, could see my booted feet pacing back and forth through a crack underneath the sets on the stage while I waited to go on!

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    Di W.

    Kim, that sounds like a marvellous angle on WW2. I especially love that she’s part gypsy. I’d love to add you as a writing buddy — what’s your Nano username?

    Rosanna, both your novels sound AWESOME. Augh, magic, outlaws, conspiracies and searing hot romance ALWAYS gets me! You’ve bowled me over with your descriptions.

    I’ve added you as a buddy on Nano 😀




    Thanks, Di! I’ve just added you back. 😀

    I’m really looking forward to talking with all of you during NaNoWriMo and hearing how your novels are taking shape. There is FIERCE CREATIVITY going on in here!



    Hi Di! I’m glad to hear your interested in The Devour! My username is ya-asylum. Your book sounds really interesting as well. I love the idea of a girl becoming a spy to save her friend.

    Rosanna, I’d love to partner with you. I adore magic YA and would love to talk about writing more often.



    Name: Sorcha

    Genre you like to write/read in: I pretty much read any genre of YA. Outside of YA some of my favourite authors are: Evelyn Waugh, JD Salinger, F Scott Fitzgerald, Kerouack (and the rest of the Beats to be honest) and Shakespeare. I love a good Greek tragedy too.

    Project and a short blurb: Surviving Isn’t Everything is the working title. Summer, a sixteen year old ballet dancer, discovers she has an inoperable brain aneurysm. (Which could rupture at any time, a week, a month, a year, a decade? No one knows when.) She is forced to give up her dream of dancing professionally and her family move to a quaint tourist town for a quieter life. But it’s there that she meets Jenner and her step-brother Kit who show Summer her life isn’t over just yet.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’d love to meet someone who gets excited about bouncing ideas around and chatting about our work. I’m using Nano to write my first draft so I’m not really ready for someone to pick up my story, big picture advice and most of all cheerleading is what I need! 😀

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I once walked the red carpet for a film premiere at the same time as James Franco (we weren’t together, we were just the early birds on the carpet).

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    Name: Alessa

    Genre you like to write/read in: I write NA & adult speculative fiction (mostly fantasy & horror). But I read pretty much any genre of NA and YA. For adult stuff, it’s still just mostly spec fic.

    Project and a short blurb: For NaNo, I’m working on Bad Girls Live Fast. It’s a NA thriller about a former thief who returns to the criminal lifestyle she left behind when her twin sister lands in the hospital and she has to take her place.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’d love someone who’s open and willing to share the experience of working towards publication. Hopefully they’d be responsive and receptive to enthusiastic emails! I like bouncing ideas and just generally sharing the highs and lows of the writing journey.

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I have perfect pitch! Despite this, my singing voice is a disaster. Both of my parents, both of whom have great singing voices, have no idea what went wrong.



    <span style=”font-family: ‘Droid Sans’, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; line-height: 24px; background-color: #fbfbfb;”>Sorcha, I love the sound of your novel. I’m always fascinated by the possibility of a main character who is dying (or possibly dying) in contemporary YAs. It’s also very cool that you got to walk on the red carpet as the same time as James Franco! Would you be interested in buddying up?</span>

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