Are you interested in writing a book with me?

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    You can learn more about this possible endeavor here. If you ARE interested, please let me know in this forum or via email (susan @ susandennard . com).

    Thank you!! 🙂



    I would be very interested in this!

    Seeing how someone else works out their story sounds amazing to me… I just want to “watch” what happens. lol.

    Thanks, Sooz!

    PS I definitely read that first sentence from M&D twice… built a hospital?!? That’s just… wow!

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    Hi Sooz! I am sooooo very interested! I can’t wait to see how your books are written from start to finish! You’re the best!



    Hi Susan! Just read your newsletter/email and I’d like to say that I would LOVE to be involved with this – it sounds truly fantastic. And I solemnly promise not to give feedback! :o)

    Also, I just want to say what work your father carried out. That kind of modesty and selflessness is something we could all learn from. He sounds like a wonderful person.

    Looking forward to hearing more details about Project Write A Book With Sooz!




    Hi Sooz:)

    This is such an amazing idea. I would love this! To see the process from beginning to end would be so beneficial:) For fans as well as writers. Your articles are helping me get through a project right now.

    Your dad sounds amazing and you definitely carry his message with you. It’s always amazed me how much you’ve given back to the writing community from the beginning. (Even if I’ve been more of a lurker than anything^^) Your words of wisdom always seem to come at the right time!



    Yes! This is an amazing opportunity & I’m 100% interested!


    Sue Yeon




    This sounds like a awesome idea! I’m 100% interested and from the sounds of your latest issue, your dad is amazing. We need more people like you guys. 🙂




    Hi Sooz,

    This is a fantastic idea.  I would be honored to have this opportunity–to learn from you, to craft a novel from beginning to end, will be a memorable  journey for me (an aspiring author who loves to daydream). Your articles have always inspired me in way I never thought is possible.

    Also, I’m very much moved by your email, to hear your father did such amazing things. Thank you for sharing it with us.




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    Oh. Oh, my, yes. It would be so inspiring and helpful to have a firsthand account of your process from start to finish. I won’t lie–the prospect of a free book is very inviting, as well–but I think the biggest gift would be sharing the experience with you. I really hope you do this!



    This sounds amazing, I would definitely be interested! I love seeing other people’s process.



    This is so great, you guys! I’ve already gotten >15 answers via email and this forum, BUT, I’m going to keep this sort of informal “registration” open until the end of the day. 🙂 If the number isn’t too overwhelming, I’ll see what I can do to accommodate everyone without increasing my own workload.

    You guys are INCREDIBLE!!! I have to admit that I’m terrified out of my mind for this–it will be so VERY vulnerable for me. I hate sharing first drafts with ANYONE. But….I guess I’ll use my fear as fuel to power on and help you guys. YAY!!!



    I’m going to have to echo everyone else (darn Pacific time zone). I would absolutely love an opportunity like this. Your newsletters and blog articles have been inspiring me to get my butt in gear for a while; and now that I’ve mostly settled into my new position at the dayjob my fingers are itching to start writing again. This seems like just what I’d need. 🙂


    And I’m naturally a lurker so no worries about comments.



    Hey Sooz!

    I would love to be a part of this! You are just so inspiring. Every time I’m having trouble with my own writing I immediately head over to your blog for help. This would be  such a great opportunity to see how one of my favorite authors handles the writing process!




    This is a great idea!  I’m on board if there’s still room!


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