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    Here is where NaNo-ers can recommend books to each other. Books can be added to provide inspiration, show examples of well executed craft elements (pacing, character, dialogue, etc.), or point out how a similar story or idea was done differently.

    My recommendation for those writing fantasy, specifically magically or fairy tale focused is The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab. Her prose has an enchanted “once upon a time” feeling even though the book is not based on a former fairy tale.

    An example of Schwab’s writing “Everything seems different at night. Defined. Beyond the window, the world is full of shadows, all pressed together in harsh relief, somehow sharper than they ever were in daylight.

    Sounds seem sharper,too, at night. A whistle. A crack. A child’s whisper.”

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    I just read Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn, and now I’m reading The Thirteenth House–the second book in her series. IT’S SO GOOD. If you enjoy epic fantasy and romance, then any book by Shinn is a wonderful read.



    I’ve always enjoyed Charles de Lint. He mainly writes urban fantasy/contemporary magical realism. I really love his older books as well as his novels that all take place in a city called Newford. I was introduced to him through the novel The Wild Wood. It’s not my favorite of his, but I remember the words of the first pages wrapping around me as I read them. Here’s a sample:

    “…like music entangled in a thorny embrace, leaf-sigh, branch-rustle. It has no melody, but the underlying rhythm, the tap-tap-tap of stick against stick against twig against hollow wood, holds a kind of tune. Not one I can hum– can’t hold a tune anyway. But I almost recognize it. It’s the voice of blood, slow sap blood, quick wind blood, underground river, underskin river. All mingled.”



    Okay, so I just read Rebel Heart, the sequel to Blood Red Road. IT WAS SO GOOD, OH MY GOD. I wish I was Moira Young. Her way with words is just unbelievable. So powerful. And the way she draws characters and their relationships and THE ROMANCE. Jeeeeeeeeesus, I am dying for the third book now.

    Seriously, guys, do yourself a favor and read the Dust Land series. It will blow your mind.

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