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    Name: Taylor

    Genre: Fantasy, and Young Adult

    Project: I am currently working on a fantasy novel centered around two sisters who ruin a dance, but instead of getting punished for it, the Emperor sends them to the Academy. The sisters that were once closer than white on rice, began to grow apart as one goes to the Academy, and the other is doomed to a life waiting for death.

    In an unlikely turn of events somehow their two paths are all just one big circle, that can either bring them back together, or tear them apart even more so than it already has.

    I promise, the story is more interesting than it sounds, there is so much background that i don’t want to give away and history, and relationships. There is a love triangle going on with the Main Character.


    What I am looking for: Someone who is willing to break apart my story and really question it.  Someone who will say ‘this is good, but is this the best?’ or ‘what is the point of this again?’. I am still at the beginning stages of the novel, and I have it plotted out, I would like someone who is willing to encourage a good word count, and more days writing. I want someone who is willing to be here for future novels, and who is honest.

    Contact: tmapproductions@gmail.com



    Name: Addy

    Genre: Fantasy, YA/NA (I am open to reading any subject)

    Project: I am currently tackling my first full on fantasy novel. I want to build a new world from scratch and know how difficult that’s going to be. There is a lot going on, but at its basics, its a story about a world divided into four Queendoms. A world where all the magic has been placed on these four queens, a responsibility that is passed on to their daughters when they turn nineteen. When the heirs turn nineteen their mothers are sacrificed, on the day of their coronation, so the power may be passed on. The powers are all elemental based, so you have your fire, earth, water, air. The story will start with the Fire Princess, who is nearing nineteen and must complete her combat and magical training before her mother’s sacrifice. But before her mother can pass on what the princess needs to rule she disappears and her magic along with her.
    This is a very bare bones summary and there is so much going on, the world is so intricate and I really need someone who is going to be honest with me, and who can help me flesh out my ideas coherently. I have a tendency of getting so wrapped in excitement and then burning out because I don’t think things through.
    I really think this story has so much potential, there is so much going on and three other princesses I still need to incorporate, there’s coups and magic and fighting and just some kickass female characters dying to get out!
    I do need a long term commitment and I love reading other people’s works and helping out, so this will always be give and take! I know I’m a little late to this forum but I hope to hear from someone soon!

    Fun Fact About Me: Hmmmm…I’m not to great at these I am currently studying to get my Phd in Chinese so I will, if all goes according to plan, living there for awhile.

    I have a daughter, not a fun fact, but its fun for me!


    Contact: adanilsyp@gmail.com



    This is just what I was looking for!

    Name: Rita

    Genre I like to write/read in: I only like to read fiction, particularly any kind of fantasy. If it has magic I’m interested 🙂 I mostly read urban and epic YA fantasy and I’m writing something along those lines too.

    Project and short blurb:

    It doesn’t have a title yet but the story is a retelling of the song Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore and it has magic (surprise surprise). I’d say the magic is something along the lines of Avatar the last airbender and Harry Potter,  and there’s romance, messed-up characters, music, fights and blood and a (still working on it) political scheme.

    It’s about a girl, Scarlet, who’s a very powerful magician but because of her gift she went insane. However, one day a men shows up and helps her but she soon finds out that something is not quite right. It’s her duty now to figure out exactly what’s going on whilst still trying to find  way to get revenge for herself.

    What I’m looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’m looking for someone to be completely honest with me about my work and what I’ve written so far, to tell when things aren’t working or flowing right, when things get confusing and also when things are good. Basically, I’m looking for a constructive CP. But I’m also looking for a writing buddy, someone I can talk to as a friend about writing and books and possibly other things too, someone I can count on for a writing sprint or to cheer me up. I’m obviously open to reading other people’s projects and critiquing them as well 🙂

    A short fun fact about myself: Yeah, blank… Hum, I can’t read more that one book at a time because I feel that if I do that then I’ll be cheating the first book 🙂 I know, it’s weird



    Hi, I’m Karina! 🙂

    Genre I like to write/read in: So far I’ve done a few fiction short stories, but my main WIP is a YA fantasy epic, and that’s also my favorite to read, fantasy, paranormal, romance – or hopefully all of the above!

    Project and short blurb: Still untitled, but it’s the story of a girl who lives in a fantasy land that has been locked by magic’s presence and it’s lack. There are Humans, Elves, and Dwarves – but Elves and Dwarves have been under the radar for a time, and this girl stumbles upon them on a mission for the Kingdoms, only to be put into training as a warrior for them. There’s an origin story mystery that ties into a longer story arc of how the land has been locked.

    What I’m looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone who is open and friendly, and can give constructive criticism on my WIP, and in return is looking for the same. Basically, a friend who can tell me the truth about the story, what’s working for them, what’s not, and all the fun love fantasy adventure!

    A short fun fact about myself: I’ve lived through -70F in Alaska and the blazing 110F in Australia and I love to go on a good adventure myself when I can 🙂
    Contact: kalegrant@gmail.com

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    Name: Joanna

    Genre you would like to write/read in: Fantasy

    Short blurb: In 1870, there’s a mansion where the Putere family live. They have inhuman powers and the unthinkable is normal to them. A maid named Adeline, who isn’t content with her life tries to turn her life around by casting a spell. But something goes wrong and Adeline, the Putere family, and all of her friends are trapped in the mansion.

    What are you looking for in a CP: I’m looking for good and constructive feedback about the content of my book (not a grammar checker). Someone who enjoys reading it and who could me develop as a writer.

    A short fun fact about me: When I was young(er) somewhere about nine years old I went to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2013 with my aunt and brother. Closes thing to celebrity fame I’ll ever reach. Lol

    I also have never been to another continent before.

    Email if interested: (warning my phone sucks at the whole notifications thing, don’t get offended if I don’t apply right away) @Joannabanana11885

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