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    Oh Boy. Sorry about my previous post. I’m not too sure how to delete it!? Ahhh there are some super great sounding WIPs here! I know I am super late to the party… hoping you guys will still have me.

    Name: Lizzie

    Genre you like to write/read in: YA. NA. Most sub-genres. I LOVE works that marry history, mystery & gothic elements. Also love magical realism, fantasy & contemporary.

    Project & short blurb: The Truths of Ruby Wood (working title). Historical YA/NA.
    Set in London (some during WW2 evacuation & blitz). Basically, is a book of Ruby’s truths. Spanning over a period of time, the chapters are stories in themselves each relating to a particular ‘truth’ (a sentence at the beginning of each chapter). She feels she owes these truths & stories which are basically written as a testament to her first love who she never really gave a chance (and who we discover is spoiler* not living)… We all know the effects of first love right? So, we discover Ruby over a period of time as she discovers herself.

    I hope that makes even a little bit of sense…

    I had Ruby as a quirky London Theatre girl but I kind of really reaaaallly wanted to work in some kind of magical realism type element/possibly something bigger at work here which could be why she never completely let him in. But then again, I’m not sure… see how it unfolds?

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: A friend! I am also using NaNo as my first draft so I would love to meet someone who is excited about book & writing talk, bouncing ideas etc. As I don’t have a finished product to read yet, I think I would love to go through the whole process of writing (& finishing!) with someone/people who enjoy it as much as I do.

    A short, fun fact about yourself: Hmm… I love a good spontaneous music filled dance around the house. I am waiting for the day I get busted like Hugh Grant in Love Actually mid ‘the sprinkler’ or some other tacky move.



    That sounds like a really cool idea, Lizzie! I’ll add you to my buddy list 🙂
    Nano is in THREE days, guys. I cannot believe it.



    Name: Cassie
    Genre you like to write/read in: Fantasy, Contemporary, and Dystopian
    Project and a short blurb:

    My project is a YA contemporary (w/ paranormal twists). It’s titled Before You Fade. Here’s a summary:

    Meredith was born with a unique gift: she can inhabit another body while asleep. And she’s been able to keep her “gift” a secret, until the day she slips into the body of another girl and is involved in a fatal car accident. Hana Leslie wakes up the next morning, and finds herself in a different room, in a different home with unfamiliar faces. What’s more, she’s no longer a tall, lean blonde. She’s a brunette inside the body of a girl she’s only seen a few times at school: Meredith. Things get more complicated when Hana discovers she’s supposed to be dead and Meredith appears to her as a ghost. Meredith is determined to get her life back, but Hana is equally determined. She’s not ready to die just yet.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone I could plot with, who will help me with overall character development, pace, etc. I’m not worried about  grammar right now, but I welcome anyone who can offer suggestions and pick out typos.

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I am a nurse!

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    Lizzie, I ADORE this idea. It somehow reminds me of Elizabeth Wein and Ruta Sepeteys books, so I’d be thrilled to read more of your work! Historical books were my first love.

    I forgot to add historical to my list above, but it’s def. another one of my favorite genres.

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    Hi y’all!

    Name: Sel (short for Selina)

    Genre I like to write/read in: Anything YA. I am particularly fond of historical fiction, contemporary and fantasy!

    Project and a short blurb: (I’m working on a YA Fantasy this year, tentatively titled Dynasty.)

    This is a story about tarot cards. Nine destinies. Three empires. One throne. Who is she in this story which she thought she knew so well?

    * There’s quite a lot of courtly intrigue, some romance and cruel emperors and mad empresses.

    What I’m looking for in a CP/buddy: for NaNo buddies, I’m happy to be buddies with everyone! But for CP, I’m looking for someone who is frank, excited about words and books and appreciates characterization and dialogue in stories And a tacky sense of humor! Since we might be laughing crazily a day before 30 November, doing our last word sprint together 🙂

    Fun fact: I have a crown of crazy curly hair (kind of like Peyton in One Tree Hill)!

    Counting down to the start of NaNoWriMo 🙂



    Thanks guys. They sound like great ideas too! I’ll add you as NaNo buddies.

    Cassie – awesome! Historicals are definitely my first love too 🙂 Was just saying to Kim that I’m feeling a little underprepared regarding research etc. Ahhhhhhh

    Sel – I love Peyton’s hair! She was my OTH favourite ha ha.

    It’s NaNo eve here (I’m on Aussie time)!!!!



    Name: Ashley
    Genre you like to write/read in: YA. Pretty much any sub-genre
    Project and a short blurb: Untitled

    I don’t have an official blurb but it’s a King Arthur retelling. There are two parts to the story. 1) a retelling of the King Arthur everyone knows, the king that set up the Knights of the Round Table and ruled Camelot. 2) the return of Arthur. It was always said that Arthur would return during England’s greatest time of need so when a nuclear war breaks out and destroys most of England (and the world) it’s obvious the time has come for Arthur to return. The only catch is that Arthur, or as he’s affectionally known this time around, Art, has no idea who he is and what he’s supposed to do. Luckily, Merlin is around to give Art guidance. Together, they set out to restore order in the world.
    Sorry the description isn’t more formal!

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’m looking for someone that understands and is willing to listen to my obsession with Arthur and this story. So far all I have is notes with various ideas for different scenes, facts about the world, ect so I’m looking for someone that is in the very beginning stages of writing as well. I want someone that will bounce ideas around with me, tell me their honest opinion on certain plot points, and someone that will help keep me motivated. I have a full time job and a kid that likes to stay up late so most of my writing will be done late at night. If there are any night owls like myself that would like to do word battles I would love it!
    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I recently discovered (after my husband pointed it out to me) that I have an obessessive personaility. When I find something I really love it kind of consumes me and I do sometimes go a little overboard. 😉

    Twitter: @whollybooks
    Blog: http://www.wholly-books.com
    NaNo: Abgafford

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    Ashley, your WIP sounds awesome! I’ve always been fascinated by the Arthur legend. I’d be more than happy to chat and offer ideas/suggestions. In fact, I am hoping for the same thing from a CP. There are a few plot issues in my WIP that I haven’t managed to work out.

    I’m also a bit obsessive, when it comes to interests. I don’t do things half way.  I’m adding you as a nano friend, and maybe we can exchange some pms/possibly manuscripts as we write. 🙂



    I’m a little late to the game, but…

    Name: Erica

    Genre you like to write/read in: I write YA Paranormal and YA Fantasy, but I like to read pretty much any YA novel (as long as it’s not too melodramatic/romance novel-y. I have a serious allergy). I read a lot of adult SFF novels, so those are my wheelhouse, and I’m a massive comic book nerd.

    Project and a short blurb: For NaNo I’m working on Charon, a YA mystery: When Tabitha Black moves to Gracehaven, she starts having panic attacks, always at 2:30am. She learns that they’re caused by her being a psychopomp–a ferryman for the underworld–and that she has a job to do. But when one ghost is unable to move on, Tabitha has to find out if there’s something more to the 30 year old mystery.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Someone to bounce ideas around with who gets as excited as I do about new story ideas. But also someone who can deliver the tough love/crack the whip/drop the hammer/and all those other phrases when something I’m doing isn’t working.

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): When I was two I crashed a performance of The Three Little Pigs in Disney World because I was determined to play the Third Pig. I knew all the lines too.


    Twitter: @Erica_Bauman

    NaNo: erica.d.bauman

    Blog: ericadbauman.tumblr.com 




    Erica – your novel sounds awesome, I’ve just followed you over on Twitter and going to take a peek at your blog now. 🙂



    HTML went all wonky, i’ll come back and fix it later.


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    Hey guys! All your novels sound absolutely great! I was wondering, though – does anyone write in another language? I’m from Brazil, and my biggest problem is finding CPs that can read in my language ): And this WIP I’m doing is in my first language, so… Just putting it out there 😀
    And good luck to you all!



    Name: Kairee-Anne

    Genre you like to write/read in: I mainly write YA and NA Paranormal-Romance and horror stories. However, I am opening to anything for experimental writing!

    Project and a short blurb: I’m currently working on my trilogy “Soldiers of Oblivion” and a duology on the side called “Scattered Angels”. Due to being a full time student, I don’t have a short summary prepare, but I can give people the run down of the projects. ^-^

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’d love to meet someone who gets excited about bouncing ideas around and chatting about our work. I’m also looking for a partner I can become good friends with and will be the type of person who will tell me up front about my stories.

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I’m a junior at college and I am currently addicted to Kingdom hearts!</p>

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    Hey Kairee-Anne,

    Would love to connect if you’re still looking for a CP. I’m working on a YA Adventure almost-Sci-fi (if that makes sense). Your work sounds interesting to me, would love to get more info. Are you on twitter? I’m @linds_meredith or your can find me blogging (intermittently) at ellebooks.wordpress.com. I’m happy to DM you my email if you’re still looking for a CP!




    Hiya L. Meredith,

    Yes I’m still looking for a CP! I’m sorry for not replying so soon, I just got done with finals, so yes I would love to work with you. 🙂 I am on twitter, @xraynewolfx and I also have started a blog on xraynewolfx.blogspot.com as well. Please sent me a email at anytime, my email is xraynewolfx@gmail.com. Looking forward to possibly working with you! 🙂

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