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    Name: Angelica

    Genre you like to write/read in: I like to read YA & contemporary romances (Sarah Addison Allen is a recent favourite of mine) and while I used to write YA, I find contemporary romances is where my muses are taking me.

    Project and a short blurb:

    “The moon upon the water
    Sees the darkness of the deep
    The stars up in the midnight sky
    Shine down on winter’s sleep”

    So begins the mysterious fragmented poem that Keeley Rhodes finds pressed between the pages of a book in a second hand bookstore. The discovery changes her from an apathetic twenty-seven year old poet without a muse to a woman with an intense desire to find its origins. Keeley travels from her home in New York to Rosewood Hall – a stately manor in Scotland. It is rumoured that the rest of the poem may be hidden within other books in the famous, yet restricted Keith library and becoming the nanny of little Sophia-Grace is her only way in. Keeley thinks that her search will be easy, however when she gets there she discovers that the library is locked, and that the Laird of Rosewood Hall is away.

    Turning her attention to the little girl while she waits for access, Keeley sees that Sophia is suffering from abandonment issues due to her absent widowed father, Duncan. Keeley finds a new purpose in restoring the broken home and ends up fighting a growing attachment to the house and its inhabitants, despite the fact that her life in New York is still waiting for her.

    Interspersed between the chapters is the forgotten love story of William and Madeline, whose legacy ripples into the modern day.

    A combination between Jane Eyre and Beauty & the Beast, “When Roses Turn to Stone” is a love story, which revolves around a fragmented poem, two continents and a hundred years. It is a modern-day fairy tale for those who believe that with love, anything is possible.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’m looking for someone who is lots of fun and willing to really get into the nitty-gritty of turning this finished manuscript into a full fledged novel. This someone needs to be positive, but honest at the same time… something that I will return in kind 🙂

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!) I have had two haiku’s published 🙂



    @angelica are you still looking for a critique partner/beta-reader? Your story sounds amazing!



    Looking through the posts, I see that I’m kind of late to the game, but…

    Name: Hessa

    Genre you like to write/read in: I love YA. Everything and anything YA!

    Project and a short blurb: I have one project; YA high fantasy titled Sky Prisoner. I’ve already combed through it with four CPs/reading buddies + a few chapters with an online workshop, but I feel like it still needs a little bit more work.

    Here it is:

    Serving a ten-year sentence for stealing a dragon, eighteen-year-old Valina Vallomir is unexpectedly released from the Sky Prisons hovering over the city on one condition – she joins the Forbidden Tournament where she is forced to fight for her freedom alongside the city’s twenty-two most wanted criminals – including the dragon-rider who arrested her in the first place, Captain Erikin Glaucon.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’m looking for honest opinions and suggestions and for someone to point out what’s working and what isn’t or what they like or hate or would love to see more of!

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): I dove with sharks!

    Twitter: @issahessa

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    Oh nose I’m late. (Here have some cake)

    Name: Kezza 😀

    Genre you like to write/read in: I like to read all genre’s. I like to write in fantasy although I’m not sure if I’m YA or Adult

    Project and a short blurb: Oh gosh, I haven’t actually gotten around to writing an official blurb yet. However, this is an idea that has been floating around in my head for quite a few years now. It has morphed and changed so much I almost don’t recognise my own MC.

    At the start we are introduced to Emmiline, an independent 22 year old struggling to over come the loss of her mother. She has always been shy and not very confident. What starts out as a normal woman trying to get by, ends with her being part of a secret society of people destined to protect the world from evil. It turns out she is the only person that can stop this evil. Her? Really? They must have gotten the wrong person.

    Oh oh I forgot to mention the steamy romance and the weird best friend. Ohh and the moments that make we want to cry and I haven’t even wrttien them yet.

    Just to mention I haven’t written very far yet. Also (sighs, time for open and honest time) this is my first project I am actually saying I’m gonna complete. Normally my ideas just fizzle out and I ignore them. This time I’m determine to end up with a finished manuscript.

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Well as a buddy, anyone that is excited about writing and willing to bounce ideas around with me. Someone that can kick my ass when I get lazy is a good idea to. As for a CP I need someone that has passion for my idea and probably the biggest thing is someone that is good at grammar. I am a little dyslexic so I can’t always spot my mistakes. (prays this doesn’t put anyone off >.< )

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): urrrm…urrrmm.. memories where have you gone D:

    Oh I know I’ve had a poem published (a really bad one)

    Once on stage I managed to trip over someone’s foot. Luckily they all thought I meant to do it.



    Hi Kezza!

    The story/project you’re not writing (but totally should!) sounds interesting. I’m looking for a writing buddy to bounce ideas with and send me “I’m very disappointed in you” emails when I get lazy too, so if you’re looking for a writing buddy, let me know!



    Hey Hessa

    First things first. High 5 for having awesome names 😀 Your story sounds really interesting to 🙂 Definitely in need of a butt kicker. Normally my ideas sort of stop and then and I give up. I’m never gonna get published this way.

    Definitely interested in a buddy 🙂 I’m KezzaT260 on Nano if you have it 🙂 Although my Nano if pretty empty :/ Due to college and uni deadline not had a chance to actually do it since 2009.



    Hey Kezza,

    I added you as a writing buddy on Nano 🙂 It’s my first year doing it, so I’m really hoping to reach the word count! You can find me on twitter either on my personal account (@issahessa) or my book blog account (@YACircus). You can also email me if you’d prefer that, issahessa@gmail.com 🙂



    Name: kristin

    Genre you like to write/read in: I read most everything, though my loves are SFF, magical realism, and wonderful contemporaries (e.g. Stephanie Perkins and Morgan Matson). Maggie Stiefvater is my personal hero. 🙂

    Project and a short blurb: I’ve been working on a story, tentatively titled THIS IS THE YEAR for a while now. It’s my baby, and the one I really hope to see all the way through into hardback. Placing it into a genre is difficult; I call it futuristic fantasy.

    I discovered at SCBWI-LA this year that I don’t have an elevator pitch yet, and am still eking out my way into blurbs, so here is a little something about it:

    It is Midsummer’s Eve and upon tomorrow’s Midsummer celebrations in her tiny coastal village, Alex will be an adult. Having always wanted something ambiguously out of the ordinary, she is nervous for the expectations it will bring. However, on Midsummer, the dusty sirens begin to ring, signalling an impending tsunami. Villagers are forced to escape via the unused Transport that connects them to the  kingdom’s capital city, Carmarth, a place no one in living memory has ever been, before the waves come. Alex, incapacitated by the destruction of her home, arrives in Carmarth listless and incapable. It is through family, unexpected friendship, and self-discovery that she finds her feet. With renewed vigour, Alex is dedicated to getting back to the place she was so eager to leave, until she discovers a startling revelation about the disaster that may bring everything around her to a halt.


    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: Honest feedback and friendly, yet critical perspective on what needs work, development, or just needs to be cut. More of something, less of something. Someone that can see the cohesion that I cannot due to being so close. 🙂 E-mail, tweets, texts, sprints, NaNo encouragement—any and all!

    A short, fun fact about yourself (c’mon, let’s be fun here!): Broodje kaas and tea is my favourite breakfast. (Buttered bread with fresh cheese. It’s delicious. Really.)

    blog: woordsea.com // twitter: @papereader // tumblr: papereader



    Name: Rachel

    Genre you like to write/read in: Fantasy/historical

    Project and a short blurb: My story is about the Lady of the Lake. This story is about the friendship between King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake and also about her identity as a person and as a magician. There’s friendship, romance, war and betrayal – all the things you’d expect in Arthurian legend! Please note that I created some new characters, so if you are a “must stay true to the story” there are some differences

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I’ve already written this manuscript and it has been revised once, so I’m looking for someone to get more specific details back before my second revision. I want to know where my characters are off and the pace is too fast/too slow, What actually works for the story, what doesn’t, what description is too much/missing, any problems with POV (I’m sure there will be), etc.

    Contact information: Feel free to email me – rhansen620 [at] gmail [dot] com – if you’re interested exchanging some pages/chapters/whatever suites your fancy



    Name: Anna

    Genre: YA – anything YA!

    Project: I’ve been working on a YA Contemporary fantasy for the last five years and I’ve finally revised my third draft and I’m hoping to submit to agents now! I would love someone to help me read through this with me and help me tighten it up. Think Nancy Drew meets Mortal Instruments. I’ve also been working on a contemporary YA Broadway based book, as well as a YA retelling of Swan Lake and NA thriller.

    What I’m looking for: Would love to have someone who also reads/ writes YA and is into looking at the nitty-gritty. I’d love someone who can help me identify where my characters are weak, where my plotting is weak and where I’m telling and not showing. I’d love an alpha and a beta reader as well.

    Contact me at: mrsbragg41(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Name: CL Mannarino

    Genre you like to write/read in: YA (and adult fiction — adult meaning the target audience is over 18, not in that the material is *cough* adult…), with an emphasis on fantasy, the paranormal, and realistic fiction

    Project and a short blurb: An underrated teenage boy, Scott, tries to save his father from being fed on by a vampire before his father is either killed or turned into a vampire. I’ve been working on the story for six years, and I’m looking to have it publishable by the end of next year (2015).

    What you are looking for in a CP/Buddy: I need the most help with big picture, surface feedback: making sure the story’s structured properly, that the characters arc, that the ending makes sense. I like being able to chat back and forth during the process about what I’m working on, even if I’m the only one who’s read the story. I would also like a beta reader who reads a manuscript once it’s all written and has had at least one revision.

    Contact information: clmannarino at hotmail dot com/ clmannarino.com/ twitter/ tumblr

    Fun Fact: I’ve never had brain freeze! Which is odd, given how much ice cream and how many popsicles I eat…

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    @sarujin Yes I am! Please email me at baronea at live dot com

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    Julia Nashif

    Name: Julia Nashif

    Genre you like to read/write in: Christian, contemporary, fantasy, middle grade

    Project and short blurb: Hey y’all! I’m writing a Christian novella. Here is ze blurb: A self proclaimed atheist, Gianna is trying to get over her little brother’s death, which she blames on herself. Stuck with a pressuring boyfriend and a dying best friend, does God really love her?

    What I’m looking for: I’m on the third draft, so I’m looking for someone to tell me if the novella is realistic, if the characters feel real, and if it still seems like an amateur’s first novel or not.

    Contact me at julianashif at gmail .com


    Julia Nashif

    Hey Ashley! I’d love to be a CP for you. I’m more of a daylight person though. I don’t have kids to deal with. 😉 I love retellings, so your novel sounds fantastic. I’m in the midst of writing a Jane Eyre retelling.



    Name: Dee

    Genre: Fantasy. I tend to prefer epic/world fantasy but I love it to be a bit different from standard sword-and-sorcery (people doing things that excite me: Scott Lynch, Max Gladstone, NK Jemisin, Daniel Abraham, KJ Parker). I read both adult and YA; I tend to write too much sex and nastiness for YA.

    Project: The Notorious Sorcerer’s Penultimate Work is city-based fantasy in an industrialising, golden-age-of-alchemy, non-European (Eurasian influenced) world. It follows a jaded alchemist with a pet harpy, a society wife turned criminal, and a debutante swordswoman with a streak of rebellion as they deal with the choices and consequences of love and villainy – such as the end of the world (which isn’t necessarily such a bad thing).

    What I’m looking for in a buddy: Right now, I’m coming to the end of the first draft, and I’m definitely going to need a sounding board and critical eye for some serious editing to come. In general, I’m more interested in big-picture reads and reviews, and discussion of options and ideas, but I’m never averse to getting down into the nitty-gritty as well.

    I’d love to have a buddy for a longer-term partnership of help, ideas and second opinions. In general what I need the most help in is plotting – so someone who could bat around plot outline pieces for future projects and help me beat them into shape would be great.

    Contact me: by email at cupiscent @ gmail

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