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    Hi Sooz,

    I love your newsletter, especially your tips and encouragement for us Daydreamers. I’ve been revising my manuscript for a while (seems forever) and I’ve received some interest from agents. After putting it through a round of beta readers I found the comments all had the same tone. People like the story, the plot, and the main character but nobody ever gets excited about it. For comparison, I have another story that’s still half way through revision and my critique partners are begging for more and have long discussions with me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m lacking that elusive ‘voice’ in my problem manuscript.

    I’ve grown as a writer and I can see the difference between the two stories with regards to voice. But I don’t really know what I’m doing that’s different.

    Are there any books or resources that you use, or can recommend, that might help me learn what makes some manuscripts sing with voice while others don’t?



    I was going through my back issues of your newsletter and saw that you already addressed your methods for finding voice and pov last month. I suspect this is what made me realize I needed to work on this. I’d still love to know if you have any book recommendations on the subject. However, your links in the April newsletter were very helpful.



    Oh gosh, I am SO SORRY this took so long to answer. I’m ashamed how many of these forum asks got lost in my inbox! YIKES.

    So, I’m gonna shoot you over to a list of my favorite writing: (This is an older post and the formatting is wonky, but the content still holds true!)



    <p data-select-like-a-boss=”1″>thanks!</p>

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