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    Written any spectacular lines in your WIP? I like to pick out great lines, because it reminds me not everything I draft is complete rubbish. I thought it could be fun to start a thread to share all our epicness!

    I’ve got a lot of fight scenes in my novel against big, gross monsters. Writing action usually means I lose emotion, but I loved this line,

    “Sera screams. It runs like a fissure down my spine, icing me from the inside.”

    So! Anything you’d like to share?

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    Ooh, I love this idea, Emmy! Here’s a line I wrote yesterday:

    “Everywhere she looked her eyes settled on carvings or paintings or tapestries of the Hasstrel mountain bat. A grotesque, serpentine creature with the motto “Love and Dread” scrolling through its claws.”



    Oh this is fun! I’m such a rough drafter that I don’t really have any pretty prose to share though.

    Though she’d never admit it, one of Mom’s best days was when Cara Mercer broke my nose with her tennis racket during a game of doubles and the doctor said I needed corrective rhinoplasty.

    Buh-bye, tiny bump on the bridge of my nose. Hello, perfect pageant bone structure.


    Di W.

    I love this Emmy! I’ve always loved sharing favourite lines because it’s incredibly motivating to me to know that not everything I write is complete drivel 🙂

    The doors were wrought from Suryani rosewood — a tree grown only in the palace courtyard in the Surya savannah and cut only once every two hundred years for the express use of the Suryani imperial household. How it found its way here, deep in the Bathan underworld, was a really good question; one that Leona would have loved an answer to.

    The black wood was carved top to bottom in an intricate fretwork design depicting flowers and folklore and legends of the Old Religion. It was inlaid throughout with mother of pearl; the eyes of the phoenix were clearly rubies, and the stag had eyes of star sapphire, while Denna, Mother Goddess, had eyes that gleamed with emeralds, diamonds studding her hair.

    Leona shook her head in wonderment, thoroughly impressed.


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    This is such a lovely idea! 🙂 I wrote a bit yesterday (amongst all drivel that inevitably comes out) that I really liked:

    “If I die, you’ll be tied to my corpse.”
    “I’ll burn your body and carry your ashes. Don’t be so confident, witch.”
    “I will haunt you. And your sons, and your daughters. Until you damn the day you decided to go after me. I will curse your blood from the afterlife. I will made you mad.”

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    WOW. you guys…wow. Lovin’ this thread.

    Here’s a fun sexual tension bit. Two of my POV characters just got into a huge brawl…The dude (Merik) just won.

    “Then I will put you in chains.” Merik shifted as if to rise, but she clutched his shirt and yanked. His elbows caved; he fell flat against her, their noses almost touching.

    “You don’t…fight fair.” Her ribs bowed into his with each gasping breath. “Fight me…again. Without magic.”



    LOVING these snippets, guys! (I get bonus points in life for Princess Bride references, right?)

    “Where do you wanna go?”

    I opened my eyes slowly, a flare of sunlight catching in my vision, fracturing through the waves of Kit’s hair. I turned my shoulder into the seat so I was facing him. “Just keep driving.”

    He kept his eyes on the road but the dimple in his left cheek deepened with his smile. “As you wish.”

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    Oooh, @sorcha, I especially like the “fracturing through the waves of Kit’s hair.” Niiiice!

    Okay, here’s one for today:

    As the mare launched into a fast trot through traffic, Noelle flung her gaze across the canal…And found the Bloodwitch watching her. There were gaps in the boats now; he couldn’t cross the water as she had.

    But he could smirk at her—and wave too. A flicker of his right fingers and then a tapping of his right palm.

    He knew her hand was bleeding, and he was telling her he could follow. That he would follow, and likely be smiling that terrifying smile all the way.

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