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    Hi Susan!

    I’ve recently finished drafting my first novel (a goal of mine for over 20 years!). I’m working on editing and I’ve discovered a glaring flaw in my manuscript: one of my main protagonists is falling almost completely flat as a character! I have been attempting to establish a strong character arc for each of my main characters, and when I reached this one I hit a wall. I now realize that, while I know who she is and understand a lot about her personality, I have no idea what she wants, what is motivating her to act, or what personal struggles are preventing her from achieving her goals (GMC).

    I’ve gone back and reviewed your post about GMC, and while it’s very helpful, I’m hoping you’d be willing to offer some advice about how to work the character’s GMC into the narrative, once I’ve established what it is. I should point out that this is not a POV character, but a very important supporting player in the story.

    Thank you SO much in advance for any advice you’re able to give!

    – Shane

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