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    Kirstie Earlene

    Loved this issue Sooz! Thank you for sharing your journal pages, those were lovely, and for inspiring me to add morning writing to my habits. I’m absolutely not a morning person but to work my writing muscles…I guess an extra 30 minutes of wakefulness in the morning won’t kill me.
    However, if I absolutely cannot drag my butt out of bed perhaps that would be better placed right after I get home from dropping my adorable charges off to school and kindergarten. Being an Au Pair really is quite complementary to writing. 🙂

    And you rock for writing Dragon Age fan fiction. Seriously. I loved it and wanted more!



    I really like the idea of free-writing for fun outside of a main project. I plan on trying to write everyday this summer and I think free-writing at least 2 pages a day while also working on my novel would help me grow as an author. I feel so much pressure to commit to a story once I start writing, but I have so many small ideas that aren’t ready to be turned into a project. Free-writing sounds like a great way to play with those ideas/characters/styles without the pressure of trying to make it perfect.

    So, yeah, I’m feeling inspired 😀

    Great issue!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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