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    I just stopped over at Pub(lishing) Crawl, hangout of our own Fearless Leader Sooz, and saw Jodi Meadows’s new post about kissing scenes. And because I LOVE kissing scenes in books, I read it. And then I thought “huh, I’m sure Sooz has also written a great post about writing kissing scenes”. And she has!

    It could be that, today, I’ve just woken up in a very ‘kissing scene’ kinda mood (even though I won’t get to write one for QUITE a while, grr). It could very well be because I read a heart-stoppingly wonderful kissing scene in a heart-stoppingly wonderful book over the weekend. Either way, I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

    (And if anyone wants to take a guess at what book/scene I was referring to, or share other great books with great kissing scenes, please feel free to share the hot, skin-tingling love!)



    I may or may not have stayed up until 2 am reading Divergent because I needed Tris and Tobias to JUST KISS ALREADY…

    And there is always the classic Ron/Hermione kiss that only took, you know, seven books of buildup.



    There’s no rule that says you can’t write the kiss scene first, or even that the kiss scene has to be in your NaNo piece. Outlining doesn’t necessarily have to mean following the chronological order you’ve set for the story. It would drive me nuts to have to write that way. If I feel like writing a kissing scene that day, I do. If it’s a sad, sobbing mess scene, I want, I still go with it. So long you feel the scene accomplishes what you’d like it to, there’s no reason not to write it.

    Hmmm… Swoon worthy kiss scenes. I’ve read too many to have any idea where to start guessing! I’ll go with my personal favorites, either Anna and Etienne or Lola and Cricket. That is some hardcore romance and swoony reading!

    Thank you for sharing Sooz’s post on kiss scenes Rosanna. Next time, please post it under resources from Sooz instead I don’t want people to miss out on her awesome posts. 🙂


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    I LOVE LOLA AND CRICKET!!! They had some of the most kapow chemistry for me. I just adored that book…

    I recent off-the-charts chemistry I read but WITHOUT any kissing (yet! There’d better be a kiss in book 2, or I’ll die) was Sarah Rees Brennan’s Unspoken. I’m in the middle of rereading that before I pick up the recently released sequel, Untold.

    Oh, and have you all read Blood Red Road by Moira Young? OH MY GOOD GRACIOUS. The kissing/chemistry in that book is just. Phew. *fans self*

    Personally, I’m all about the slow burn.



    Okay, I looked up ‘Lola and Cricket’ only to have The Very Hungry Caterpillar show up as my top result on Amazon, no joke. Then I googled it and discovered Lola and the Boy Next Door and Anna and the French Kiss, which I’ve added to my ‘to read’ list along with Blood Red Road. So thanks for the recommendations, guys!

    Dulcy, I wish I were that kind of writer. I tend to write chronologically — even when I really want to write a kissing scene, I have to know what comes before it so I can build up to it. (It doesn’t help that I’m not very good at outlining!) Currently I’m working through a revision of my WIP and there IS a kissing scene and it WILL have to be revised/rewritten, but I don’t think I’ll get to it for a while. But it’s okay, because the romance itself will undergo a MAJOR rewrite (we’re talking one character rejected and booted out the door and a completely NEW romantic lead drafted in — it was a difficult decision but I think it’s the right one) and I’ll have all the delicious slow-burn buildup to (re)write before getting to the kissing scene.

    As for my NaNo novel … well, anything could (and probably will) happen! 😉

    Sooz, Eleanor and Daniel win the prize for slow-burn. Hands down. I LOVED their kiss in Something Strange and Deadly!

    Has anyone here read Chime by Franny Billingsley? It’s a lovely story with great atmosphere, and I remember there being a CONSIDERABLE amount of really sizzling chemistry between Briony and Eldric.

    The scene I was referring to was from Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas, and as anyone will know who’s read it, the scene I’m talking about is both perfectly timed AND deliciously built up. 🙂



    Ugh, I’m crying on the inside. I haven’t gotten the opportunity to read Crown of Midnight yet. I’m looking murderously at my schedule right now. No spoilers please! I’ll rage quit at life if I see one.

    I agree with you Sooz. Slow burn chemistry is awesome. My favorite is slow burn with stubborn characters. You know, the ones who refuse to admit they’re in love? The best!

    Woah Rosanna! I admire your organization and willingness to write chronologically. Like I said, super difficult for me. Hmmm. Maybe it would be easier to, before NaNo, make a very general outline. Then, on each NaNo day, plan what specific scenes need to be written to conform to the general outline. It takes off a little bit of the stress, but still allows for flexibility.

    Yay for book recs’ ! I haven’t read Chime, but own the book. I need to get around to it. I adore Anna and Lola. I want Isla to hurry her butt up and get here. Both Perkins’ books are slow burns, Anna more than Lola.

    Hey, Sooz! Can we make another discussion/topic for book recs? To give examples of books who’ve done certain craft elements well, provide inspiration, more discussion. I volunteer as tribute moderator!



    Oh my gosh! Please DO start that, Dulcy!! I love a book recs topic!! 😀 Maybe put it in the Inspiration–Quotes, Images, and Pinterest boards forum?? I’ll change the forum name to include BOOK RECS. 😉



    As you wish.

    It is done! I kicked it off with a book rec for fantasy writers! To my shock, it wasn’t Sarah. But, I’m trying to be more diverse. I can only babble about how awesome she is so many times before people start to hate me.



    Kissiiiiiiing. Ok, so I love kissing scenes, but I’m really bad at writing them. Sigh. My last novel didn’t have much kissing in it so I took it upon myself to take my characters completely out of context and have them make-out lol … Cause I could.

    My NaNo novels this year will have kissing, though. Lots of kissing. I am determined. There will be kissing everywhere 😉

    THE DEMON’S COVENANT by Sarah Rees Brennan has a particular kissing scene that I remember very vividly 🙂 Also, I just read FANGIRL but Rainbow Rowell and hot damn. But usually, for me, it’s more about the build-up than the actual kissing. It’s the things leading up to it that make me excited.

    Sooz, omg Untold! I won’t say anything. I won’t. But it’s fantastic.

    Rosanna, I’ve read Chime!! It was so great and yes. Briony and Eldric had so much chemistry it hurt. The ending almost killed me for a second lol



    I have trouble writing kissing scenes, I think. It could be because I avoid them.  I mean I want to write them, but they are so tricky to get right just so. Where it’s not overly cheesy and still gets across all the feels.

    Also, YES Untold is FANTASTIC. I will leave it at that also. Ah!!! *throws confetti at Untold*

    Adriana, I just read Fangirl also…have you read Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments? Now that is some crazy build up to a kissing scene. Reminds me almost of my beloved kdramas in that way. (They do that so well, and then, often to my great amusement, they’ll zoom in and out, and pan around, just to make sure you get the kiss at all angles, because they’ve made you wait for it so long.)

    To stay a bit on topic, I did love those posts by Sooz & Jodi. I think I just need more practice with those scenes. It’s so hard for me to tell when I’ve gone over board and when it’s just right… Now fight scenes on the other hand, those I can write. 😛



    Steph, I haven’t read ATTACHMENTS yet! Though I probably will soon. I read E&P after FANGIRL and was left emotionally compromised… I’m so glad you mentioned dramas, btw. They have literally the best build-up (episodes and episodes of it!) and then the kisses are like 5 mines of tip touching with their mouths closed Lol

    Romance in general is hard, for me at least. I can write banter, but when it’s supposed to be banter because of romantic feels I just lose it. Also, I feel like some time actual kissing is the least important part of kissing scenes. Like, lips locking and tongues and all that is great–but hands. Hands are awesome. I like to know what hands do (this sounds weird). I’m thinking of North & South, basically, and how a lot of their tension is in Not Kissing.


    Isabel Sterling

    Slow burn romance = THE BEST! I love it so much.  In last year’s novel my characters didn’t get to kiss until…chapter 20 out of 25 I think. I’m also a big fan of the “almost kiss,” they had one of those a few chapters prior. I love how it turned out (after a bazillion revisions). Squee!

    There will be a lot more on-screen (on page?) kissing during this year’s NaNo. The stakes are also going to be higher. (Can someone say crazy passionate make-out in the forest, in the pouring rain, right after escaping scary sky demons?  Umm, yes please!) Plus there’s going to be the interesting contrast of a gay character having kissing scenes with her gf (which will be awesome and squee worthy) compared to the awkward kisses with her arranged-marriage fiance dude (seriously, like super awkward, because eww. But the poor guy does fall for her anyway…sigh).

    Thanks for posting the articles! Definitely going to check them on as part of my “prep”

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