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    I’m an aspiring filmmaker/screenwriter and I wrote this screenplay about a therapist who goes through great lengths to save a raped and abused young girl from further impending danger and it’s a drama and I seriously, desperately need a critique partner or beta reader to read through it to tell me if the dialogue sounds right and believable if it’s an interesting story or not. Seriously, I am really dedicated to wanting to make this screenplay right and so I am asking for someone who has experience with writing period to help beta read or critique this. If you can, please reply back or PM me, thank you.



    Hi.  I don’t know if you’ve already found someone, but I’m a screenwriter and I’d be happy to take a look, if you’d like.  I’m not sure how to make this a private response (I’m new to the site) but…


    My name is Jordan Trippeer (you can look me up on IMDB) and my email is jobisierra14@gmail.com.





    I am looking for one, ideally 2 crit partners for my YA Urban Fantasy set in Paris. It is complete at 89,000 words. I’d like feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Here is a summary:

    MIST tells the story of sixteen-year-old Deirdre Walsh who owes her preternatural health and endurance to a magical stone that once belonged to the Faeries of Ireland. When her grandfather, now the stone keeper, goes missing, Deirdre’s search for him takes her into a world where myth meets reality. If the stone falls back into the hands of Faeries, it means the end of freedom for Mankind. Deirdre must learn to wield her connection to the stone not only to save the people she loves, but the entire Human race.

    If you are interested, you can contact me via email me at laurence2@comcast.net or on twitter at @LaurenceKing



    Hi, I’m looking for beta readers for a YA fantasy novel. It is just over 120,000 words and I would be sending it 3 chapters at a time, and asking questions after each batch of chapters. Please reply if you would like more information/ are interested.

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