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    The Goals

    My goal for this NaNoWriMo 2014 is to revise Sightwitch and get it ready for CPs to read.

    On a different note, I have a second goal of wanting to interact with the writing community as much as possible this month (and get my blog/newsletter organized) because I’m going to be immersing myself into my writing/work for December (i.e. taking a break from the online stuff).

    The Project

    My project, Sightwitch, is an 85-page prequel to my upcoming YA fantasy Truthwitch (Tor), and it has taken me MONTHS to find the write story! YARGH. (Learn more about that agony herehere, and here!)


    My NaNoWriMo username is stowersd. 🙂




    The Goals
    My goal for this NaNoWriMo is to write at least 2/3 (40,000 words) of Expiration Date. I also want to work on having a precise editing time that I go to every day and just work on that consistency. I’m still struggling through deciding external conflict (loving my ideas for internal and relational conflict), so it should be interesting…

    I also want to update my blog with NaNo progress at least weekly, including some new favorite passages.

    The Project
    For Treyton Staub’s sixteenth birthday, his parents took him to the city morgue to choose a gravestone. That was four months and two days ago, and he has less than twenty-four hours left to live up to its inscription. After all, everyone has a death date; this day was his.

    Michael Alester is a doctor searching for utopia: a perfect world on the Kenai Peninsula where he lives, a perfect population, where everyone has a job and everyone is useful. So when more babies are born than expected, he takes the matter into his own hands. After all, who would question their child’s expiration date? Even if it does give them only sixteen years, four months, and two days with their son.
    Here is my Spotify playlist for Expiration Date.

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    The Goal

    My goal for NaNoWriMo 2014 is to complete the whole 50,000 words of a new project. I’ve discovered I write very sparse and have to go back to add in more detail so 50,000 could well take me through an entire first draft, which would be fantastic.

    The Project

    Malfunctioning is YA with a twist of paranormal/magic. It’s gonna be dark, there’s no guaranteed happily ever after, but witty because snappy dialogue is my favourite thing in the world.

    Umbra, an esoteric blood magic, has become lost to modern times. Field Carraway has heard about it her whole life. Her Indiana Jones-esque, archaeologist/occult historian father – Dr. Thomas Carraway – has been searching for the secret to unlock it longer than Field has been alive.

    But they’re not the only ones searching. Included in the list are members of the Tenebrae, a society comprised of the descendants of those who last held the secret to Umbra.

    My NaNo username is sorchakate

    My Twitter is brightfieldnote

    My pinterest board for Malfunctioning is here

    I would love, love, love some buddies this NaNo. It’s one of the things that really helps me stay motivated to write the whole way through the month. 🙂



    Ah! I forgot my username and Twitter. Thanks!

    NaNo username is slightlysmall

    Twitter is @rochelledeans



    Hi Rochelle, love the sound of your project – I’ve added you on Twitter and NaNo!

    Sooz – I have you on both already. 🙂



    The Goal

    I plan to add 50,000 words to a project I began in August (which currently has 10k words).  I’ve never won at NaNo before but this year I am absolutely in love with my story and my characters so I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach this word goal for the month.  The total project goal is about 80-90k so adding 50k in a month would bring me significantly closer to that!

    The Project
    I will post here my sorry excuse for a blurb!  I also haven’t completely decided on a title yet.

    In a fantasy world similar to our Earth, the power throughout the countries shifts to a younger generation.  Mahree Emerald, as a second princess, has never been prepared for the role she suddenly finds herself in after her sister’s death: Queen of the West.  Josephine Farinacci simply wants to be of a higher rank than her younger sister, but she is offered an even greater opportunity upon the long-awaited arrival of her betrothed.
    When Josephine and Mahree each get tangled up – unwittingly – into the politics of their world, they must make decisions they never thought they would have to ponder over.  Mahree can either make an alliance with an equally as young and new ruler or run away as she is so used to doing.  Josephine, after a devastating realization, must decide between loyalty to her family or aiding a court that she hardly knew existed before.

    Pinterest Board for my project

    NaNo Username: Cammie4
    Twitter: @kyaasnow

    I’m hoping to be more active on social media in the writing world this year, because I think that really helps me stay motivated!

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    Kate Fahey

    The Goal

    My goal is to get 50,000 words written for a story I’ve been thinking of since July. I am so excited to begin writing but I’m also super nervous this idea won’t work out because I love the characters so so so much! Oh well it’s all a part of writing I suppose. 😛

    The Project

    My working title is Daughters of the Phoenix and basically it centers around Maeve, one of the daughters of the King whose mother is a Phoenix that left. Each daughter has a different gift (one is an Oracle, one is a Healer) and Maeve is the warrior. The plot line is still all over the place; I’ve decided to be a panster this time and just go for it!

    My NaNo Username is: Kate.Fahey

    My Twitter Handle is: @KateSloan17

    My Pinterest Board is: Daughters of the Phoenix 

    Good luck to everyone doing NaNoWriMo!!!! 🙂



    The goal: A 50k-word complete “skeleton” draft. What does that mean? I’m not quite sure either, this is the first time I’ve tried it. But the idea is a combination of summary and prose giving me an overall idea of the flow and interconnection of the story – allowing me to fast-forward through the part where I agonise over perfect phrasing to the part where I reach the ending and realise that the middle needs a different shape after all.

    The project: The House of Truth and Lies (or The Djinn’s Whisper) will be a YA fantasy. It follows Shirin, last living child of the overthrown royal family, and Parvona, youngest daughter of the family whose betrayal caused the royal downfall – an unlikely pair of best friends. On the day Parvona leaves school to take up a coveted position in the household of the viceroy, Shirin also flees, in fear of her life following the execution of the last remnants of her family. As Parvona negotiates a tangled nest of prejudice and impossible demands, Shirin falls in with pirates who have their own plans to use the last heir to the throne. But the girls have one big surprise up their sleeves.

    Find me on NaNo: cupiscent



    The Goal

    My goal is to take my YA Sci-fi from 2 years ago and completely rewrite it with a 60k or 70k first draft.

    The Project
    My YA Sci-fi has now become a YA musical retelling using magical realism.

    NaNoWriMo: melodysimpson

    Twitter: melodysimpson

    Pinterest Board: Here

    Good luck everyone!



    The Goals

    I want to revise and rewrite Erased, a WIP I’ve been working on for a while. I’m hoping that the NaNo community will help motivate me to get it into really good shape.

    I also want to get more involved in the writing community through NaNo and develop more writer friends with the same goals as me that can spur me on!

    The Project

    Erased (working title) is a YA thriller, sort of The Bourne Identity meets Alias. Ana wakes up in the hospital broken, bloodied, and empty. She has no memory of who she is or what happened to her, and without an ID or usable fingerprints, neither does anyone else. The police aren’t much help – after a detective who was supposed to be helping her makes an attempt on her life, Ana doesn’t know if any place is safe for her. Kylie, a medical student at the hospital, offers to take her in until she is able to return to the life she can’t remember. Kylie’s brother, Wes, isn’t too keen on the idea of a mysterious girl with no past staying in his apartment, and keeps a suspicious eye on her. He unnerves Ana almost as much as the increasingly terrifying flashbacks she has. As she searches for answers, she begins to piece together a dark and dangerous life that she’s not sure she wants to reclaim.

    NaNoWriMo: Ashley Burdin

    Twitter: @ashleyvburdin

    Pinterest board for Erasedhere






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    The Goals
    My goal for 2014 is to reach the 50k words mark for my YA high/epic fantasy. This is the first time I’m absolutely in love with a project and the characters. (This is not a NaNo goal, but my goal is to have a presentable MS at the end of 2015).
    I also want to meet more people with the same goals as me – people to share the rocky way to being published, and friends that understand every struggle you go through and every happy moment you have. (e.g. I know I will cry for at least an hour when I reach 50k words)

    The Project
    (Please don’t let my awful summary put you off)
    My project Tamlin (working title, will definitely change) is about 17 year old Tamlin, an orphaned kitchen girl with ugly scars all over her body, who wants to be a student at the king’s Royal Guard Academy. Competing with other impoverished girls and boys, Tamlin is one of two to be allowed to study to become a king’s guard. But being poor, self-conscious because of her scars and feeling unloved, the other students taunt Tamlin.
    But giving up was never part of Tamlin’s plan, and soon she befriends the handsome and cocky prince Jareth. While something slowly seems to happen between those two, the city is haunted by a cruel murderer.
    And a beast that will change Tamlin’s life forever.




    I have added everyone to my NaNo buddy list!! Make sure you add me back (for some reason it’s not automatically reciprocated).




    The Goal
    My goal is to take my novel from Nano  2012 and rewrite it.

    The Project
    Originally an older YA romance, I’m rewriting it to fit the “new adult” genre which fits the plot much better.

    NaNoWriMo: Jammi



    Excited to add you all as NaNo (and Twitter) buddies. Sounds like there’s gonna be some kickass stories coming into the world this month!



    The Goal:

    My goal this NaNoWriMo is to write!  I really want to make it to the 50,000-word mark, with my shiny new story (because last year I missed it by a mile).  But really it’s less about “completing” NaNo, and more about squashing my excuses like dried up pill bugs.  I’ll never have time to write unless I make time to write.

    The Project:

    My working title is “Through the South Bay Window”.  It’s a NA Paranormal about a recent college grad who takes a job at a historical reenactment center where history really comes to life.

    NaNoWriMo:  JMStack

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