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    Hi! My name is Marie, and after some years, I’m finally trying NaNoWriMo for the first time!

    The Goal: hitting the 50,000 words and thus finishing my fantasy novel, which I’ve been dreaming of since January but only slightly started this Summer.

    The Project: Fantasy YA novel called ‘The Dragon Tamer’. Vague attempt at a synopsis:
    “Deep in the Letova mountains, a witch and the wraith challenging her territory meet to play a deadly game. Their gameboard: the world. Their favourite pawns: a manipulative queen, a disillusioned oracle, and a scarred dragon tamer. The stakes are high and both are determined to win. But what neither realises is that those they overlook as game pieces may be less willing to be played with than they think…”

    NaNo Username: MarieLibo

    Twitter: … I don’t have twitter. (*ducks* No, I am not an alien from out of space, I swear!)

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    The Goal: I’m going to be a NaNo rebel this year and make my goal to do plot revisions of my novel, which I wrote over the summer. I’ve been planning to do these revisions this whole semester, but haven’t gotten that far so I’m hoping NaNo will really kick my butt into gear.

    The Novel: (tentatively called) Protege, is YA action/thriller about 17 year-old Cal. She’s a second generation hit man who finds herself caught between fulfilling her parents’ legacy and learning the truth behind the organization she works for. The more involved she becomes the more she wants out.

    NaNo Username: anna.leighton

    Twitter: @leighton_anna



    Alright! I have added everyone as a buddy, followed pinterest boards and twitter feeds, and if I skipped ANYONE, it was totally by accident.

    @concreteroads: I couldn’t find you on NaNo! The username j.c. didn’t appear for me. Do you have a link to your profile?

    ALSO, come find me on Twitter everyone! #NaNoDaydreamers



    Finish AND edit a 20K(tops) novella for a writing competition. I’m about 14K in, which seems like a good thing, but I can only write on weekends and I have NO idea how to end it.

    A t0-be-named retelling of Beauty and the Beast. YA Fantasy.
    Evlin must cross the Darkforest road to meet her father, but ends up trapped in a haunted manor by a trickster witch. But this manor isn’t haunted by ghosts. It is haunted by the memories of its single inhabitant.

    Nano username: lexidigg
    Twitter: @lazulli21
    Pinterest board



    Hello! I just officially made the decision to do NaNoWriMo this year yesterday.

    Goal: 50K beginning words on a new project(but one that’s been in my head for years).

    Project: Fantasy(right now being called the unoriginal title of “Fantasyland” in my head). As children, Jane and Paul had a magical fantasy adventure, dashed off to another universe filled with magic–every longing child’s dream. Now, as adults back in the real world, they have to put the pieces back together and figure out what their past means for the people they’ve become.

    I’m stormydawnc on both the NaNo site and twitter.



    The Goals
    My goal is to write 50K words towards my new novel. My stretch goal is 60K. I’d also like to develop the habit of writing everyday and hopefully finding the particular time of day that works best for me.
    The Project
    My project is a YA Fantasy. No title yet.
    In the six years since the ocean disappeared, Maris and Aron have made a name for themselves even if most don’t actually think they exist. Scavenging shipwrecks on the Floor, “The Girl and her Giant” are skilled treasure hunters and a dangerous threat to any who cross them. In reality, their airship is broken (stuck just floating 15 meters above the ground) and Aron has to pull it everywhere like a balloon, they’ve rarely had to cross anyone because they’re quick, careful and stealthy and neither of them is actually hunting for treasure. Maris is dedicated to helping Aron, who’s become like a brother since he rescued her, redeem himself with the Northern Giants who exiled him, even if it means searching the bottom of an empty sea.
    When she discovers that her missing parents had been dealing with the dangerous Azores pirates and the sea witch responsible for the vanishing ocean, Maris will have a decision to make, because finding the family that abandoned her may mean betraying the one person who has become most like her family.
    Also, ancient sea monsters and lost sunken cities.
    NaNo username: ThatRadGirl
    Pinterest board: ThatRadGirl



    The Goals
    My goal for this NaNoWriMo 2014 is to finish Sword of Light, my first novel.

    The Project
    My project, Sword of Light, is a full-length novel based on Celtic mythology. It follows a demigoddess, Jacqueline O’Brien Fitzgerald, as she tries to deal with her painful past and make sense of her future and destiny. There are prophecies, hot werewolf guys, vikings, Celtic warriors, murders, romantic encounters, and overbearing Celtic gods.

    My NaNoWriMo username is AmberLane

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    My goal is to write 50000 word because I think it is about that amount that’s needed to finish my first draft of my novel. I’m having a baby in december and it would be great if I could manage to finish the first draft until then.



    My project is called Bergfödd, it’s Swedish for Mountain Born (I’m a Swede). It’s a story about a young woman who was adopted into a tribe in the jungle as a newborn. She never really manage to fit in due to her different looks and the tribes’ superstitions. It’s a story about her trying to find the truth of her origins and her place in the world, without loosing herself to the wishes of others.
    Oh, it also contains a love story, an evil shaman, an albino hermit living in a cave, pink poison dart frogs, and tree top houses. 😀



    My NaNoWriMo username is qvinta

    My Twitter is @AnnicaJaktlund

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    The Goal:

    Write at least 50,000 of a new WIP, and figure out the general plot (even if 50K words doesn’t get me to the end)

    The Project:

    I’m calling it “Amethyst” for now. YA Fantasy. The general premise is about a young woman who discovers these mysterious purple, crystalline growths on her body, and her seeking the help to figure out what the heck is happening and how to make it stop/reverse it. I’m mostly pantsing this one, but did spend about a week before writing brainstorm notes. We’ll see if I actually stick to any of them!






    P.S. I think I’ve added everyone from this forum as a Nano buddy!

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    Super new here, but also really excited about this (and currently sucking at nano).

    Th Goal:

    Write 50K on a new project (I’ve broken Nano rules before; I’m trying to play by them this year). By the 50K point I’d like the Novel to be 2/3 to 3/4 done. My goal is usually to have everything wrapped up in 80k or less. I’d also like to update my blog more during Nano as well.

    The Project:

    The Stars are Hollow. It’s an adult romance\fantasy\adventure. I hoping to get several story arcs going. There are three or four driving characters.

    Duchess. General. Lover. Friend. Princess. Eos Katevatis has been thrown many roles in her life, some earned, some wanted, and some rather left behind. Bound by duty to her best friend and lover, Alexios Nikolaou the King of Astraea, she is forced to assume the hardest role yet.

    Queen. Through her marriage to King Gavriel de la Chaisson, she will bring the troops and money that Astraea desperately needs to keep itself from being crushed by the empire building Kveledeg. The only cost will be her heart.

    Hearts always get sacrificed in war.

    It’s something Alexios has learned to deal with. He will always want Eos, his first and only love, but her presence threatens his own impending marriage. Everything he worked so hard to build will crumble if she stays. There really is no choice, but to try and forget her.

    Because for all the stars shine, they are hollow inside. Love never wins in the face of war. Alliances, however do.  If only they can keep things together long enough to fight Kveledeg together.

    Nanowrimo: MissCallieRo

    My Blog: I Don’t Want to Wear Pants

    Pinterest: The Stars Are Hollow

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    THE GOALS: My goal is to finish writing this new WIP! It’s a very different sort of story for me, so I’m excited and nervous. I also want to interact more with my fellow NaNo participants!

    THE PROJECT: Right now, I’m using the title of the song that inspired the story as a temporary title: Cell Block Tango. It’s a YA fantasy, revolving mostly around an imprisoned lady-in-waiting as she tries to figure out who framed her for murder. Like I said, different for me, since I’ve never really incorporated a full-on mystery into a story, so that should be interesting!

    USERNAME: alexalovesbooks



    The Goals: To write at least 50K words on a new WIP, I was thinking that if I got stuck at some point to throw in a bit of rebellion and write some more towards the last 20K I need to complete the 1st draft of my first novel which I’ve been working on most of the year.

    The Project: This new project is currently called On the Wings of War it’s a YA contemp fantasy with two POVs that are at this current moment a bit of a mess (not fully decided on a tense). The basic premise is that winged humanoids (*not* angels but kinda responsible for causing angel mythology) from a parallel earth are stuck in a stalemate in their war with the race of humans in their world so send a team through a portal to our Earth to find some way to help them replenish their army quicker (the winged race are longer-lived and slower to age than normal humans) or some weapon to end the war. Obviously that kind of motive is never going to bring out the best in people.

    I’ll cut the essay short and leave it at that.


    Nanowrimo: LadyViolet

    Twitter: RayReadsaLot



    WOOHOO!!! I love that more people are still joining us!! Go #NaNoDaydreamers!!!! Fist bumps all around!



    The Goals: To write at least 50K words on my current project.


    The Project: I’m writing what is basically Shakespearean Fan Fiction. I am taking two online courses about Shakespeare and just finished reading Othello. I was fascinated by the character of Emilia, Desdemona’s companion, and wife to the villain Iago. I am writing the story of Othello from her perspective. To start, I am writing in a very straight-forward, way, following the story along as if it were her version of the “real” events of the Othello story. I have some ideas about how I could update or change, but for now, for practice, I’m playing it straight. It may never see the light of day, but it’s an interesting experiment.



    Nanowrimo: srearley

    Twitter: @suzanneearley



    I debated about posting here, but I’ve found several of Susan’s resources very helpful, and frankly, the Nanowrimo forums are very overwhelming, so I thought, well, why not!



    Yiikes, I forgot to present myself.

    Goals: I’m actually going to try and go full-on crazy this year and finish a whole novel in a month, so try to write about ~90k. I’ve done Nanowrimo four times before and won all of them, so I’m going for something more challenging (and that will certainly drive me crazier than ever)

    The Project: It’s called ‘Doomed’ and it’s a fairytale retelling, with the premise of ‘If history repeats itself, why not fairytales?’It’s YA contemporary, with touches of fantasy. I have four MCs, all of them with POVs and very different goals, so it’s a new thing for me trying to intertwine all their stories together and make it a whole. It’s been loads of fun until now, and I’m definetly in love with this project 😀

    Nanowrimo: onlybylaura
    Twitter: @onlybylaura

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