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    Hi Writers!

    All of the projects you guys are working on sound awesome.

    My goal is to write 50k on my new WIP while my current WIP is out with beta readers. That said, the current WIP is on an R&R with a *dream agent*, so when my readers get it back to me I’m going to let it take top priority. So if I don’t make my NaNo goal but I do get my current WIP back to the agent then I’ll be a happy writer 🙂

    Okay, here goes. My new WIP is called Feed Me To the Wolves. And I really suck at summing it up. But I’ll try:

    The men are kinda like vikings, the women are kinda like gypsies, and the rest of the world is a little like the roaring 20’s. Just add demon dogs, the monster wolves that the Concha warriors are hell-bent on wiping out. And Sky, the Concha girl with a secret: she can communicate with the wolves.

    NaNoWriMo: clayanddust



    The Goal:

    Write, silly! I’ve started a new project that has been living in my head (and random scribbled notes like “iTunes gift cards!”) for a couple of months and I am really excited for it to start living somewhere else! My goal is the 50K word count, but I don’t expect that to be an entire first draft. The most important thing is that I write something I’ll be able to revise until it is the story I love – the one that has been living in my head! I’d also LOVE to get some writing buddies out of the deal! I’m going to the “Night of Writing Dangerously” and I don’t know a single other soul! The goal of that experience is to get lots of writing done in a new, fun environment AND kick myself out of my introvert comfort zone.


    The Project:

    A YA Contemporary novel. Basically, it is about a girl who is used to taking care of the people in her life, until she gets her heart broken and realizes she may  not know a lot about taking care of herself. When the boy who broke her heart is the one that needs her, she has to figure out if she can be there for him without hurting herself.

    NaNoWriMo: MJOBrien1985

    Twitter: @mjobrien1985



    Oops I’m a little late on posting this but I am doing NaNo and it sounds like everyone has great projects going and I’d love more nano buddies!

    The goal: Ahhh I guess I’m being a nano rebel… my goal is to write at least 50K, but that involves wrapping up my current WIP and starting/very rough drafting the next part to the WIP.

    The project: Working on a YA fantasy series, starting with a three part story called Moonrise. Roughly, Moonrise follows a family of four boys with a strange mother who holds plenty of secrets – including being the only person left in her world who can still access the portal to other realms. As the three brothers and their young cousin struggle to reconcile the corruption in their kingdom with their mysterious King, whose family has ruled since the loss of magic itself, they’ll have to uncover and face the mysteries of their own family – or risk being hunted and killed because of them.

    Nano username: maddyc37
    Twitter (and I’m really just creating one to do nano word sprints haha): maddyc37

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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