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    Who else can’t live without their Spotify? I am permanently on that app–be it from my phone, my iPad, my computer…It’s totally the best program for discovering new music (as is Pandora–I love Pandora too!).

    Here’s my user profile: 1257585268

    And here’s my NaNo WIP playlist: The Executioners Three

    Share your own user/playlist info if you got it! I’d love to follow you!



    I haven’t made one for my new novel yet. I guess now I know how I’ll be procrastinating on outlining at home today!



    1258502033 – there’s my usernumber. Working on my Expiration Date playlist now. Already have one for Damaged, the novel I’ll be querying soon. :)</span>

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    I cannot live without Spotify! The number of times it has saved me from utter boredom on countless journeys…what my life would be like without it I honestly don’t know.

    Here is the playlist I have for this year’s NaNo – it’s a generic one that I use for writing fantasy/dystopian to, but I j’dore it and probs listen to it more than anything else!! Which is great because then Spotify goes and gives me recommendations based on what I’ve listened to and I find more amazing stuff!

    You can find it here, and my profile here! Can’t wait to check out everyone’s playlists!




    I love Spotify!

    My user profile is 1225778553.

    I go back and forth between listening to the “Am Writing” playlist and at the moment, the “Am Writing BAtF” playlist as I make a playlist for each WIP but also have a general playlist to listen to for writing in general. I’ve also made playlists for different emotions/actions though I haven’t updated those in awhile and would like to sometime soon.



    My user profile is 1217469319! At the moment I only have the one writing playlist, and I just keep adding to it 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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