Welcome to Camp NaNoWriMo 2014!

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    Hey guys! A fellow Daydreamer (*waves at Diyana*) had the brilliant idea of starting a thread (or a few?) for Camp NaNoWriMo.

    If you’re participating and want to interact with other writers and Daydreamers, then drop in and introduce yourself as so:

    • Name: Sooz!
    • Work In Progress: Untilted Truthwitch novella
    • Goal: Hammer out a first draft by the end of April (~25K words)
    • Username: stowersd
    • Cabin: I don’t have one!! Let’s be in one together!!

    And here is a link to the daily word counts forum (in case you want to share).

    Here is a link for coordinate writing sprints.

    Finally, here is a spot for critique partner meeting!

    And of course, feel free to start your own topics! Inspiration, advice, questions, whatever–just start a new topic and go! 😀



    Hi there! I’m Nicola! It’s my first time doing Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’ve taken part in the main NaNo before and completed my goal.

    • Username: Niknakz
    • Work in progress:  a dystopian with Greek Gods
    • Goal: 25/30k. Depends on how much the story demands from me
    • Cabin: not in one yet 🙂
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    Name: Claudia

    Work in progress: Like Clockwork, a young adult fantasy novel

    Goal: A first draft by the end of April. No specific word count goal, just being bale to say I finally finished something!

    Username: cam1397

    Cabin: I don’t have one yet.



    Name: Laura
    Work in progress: “The Gods themselves”, the last book in my YA trilogy about mutants.
    Goal: I’m aiming for 50k on the first draft (probably won’t be ready. All my first drafts always end up enormous, I can’t let go.)
    Username: onlybylayra
    Cabin: I don’t have one yet, but I do have a cabin mate (:

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    Di W.

    Hi Sooz! *waves back* And hi everyone!!

    I’m so excited about this Camp! I’ve never done it either, but I had a blast last NaNo, and I think what really made it for me was the community support. I <3 NaNo-ers 😀

    Name: Diyana (you can call me Di!)

    Work in Progress: That Unwieldy novel…again…

    Goal: Finally finish that first draft by end of April, a.k.a. first draft of a novel EVER.

    Username: diyanawan

    Cabin: None yet! Let’s be in one together!! (Sooz, I just added you to my list. Add me back to increase the chances of us “housing” together :D)

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    *frantic waving*

    Hello hello! It’s my first Camp this year too and I’m ridiculously excited 😀 😀

    • Name: Michele!
    • Username: relyn
    • Work in progress:  YA scifi dystopianish… thing.
    • Goal: 30k! I hit 50k during NaNo last year but unlike then work has now hit PEAK GOGOGO season so I thought I’d be realistic (gasp!) and not stress myself out 😀
    • Cabin: unsorted for now! LET’S GO SLYTHERIN *cough* I mean, it’d be fun to hang together! <3


    Hi! NaNoWriMo was so helpful in November so of course I knew I had to participate in Camp NaNo too!

    • Name: Stormy
    • Username: stormydawnc
    • Work in Progress: Spring Forward(YA time travel science fiction)
    • Goal: 25K
    • Cabin: Don’t have one yet!


    Hi everyone!

    I’m so excited for this! I’m happy I’m not the only one that hasn’t done Camp NaNoWriMo before!!! This is going to be so much fun!!!!!! 😀

    Name: Sarah

    Username: wordswithsarah

    Work in progress: Destined to Fall

    Goal: 50k and to finish the first draft.

    Cabin: I don’t have one!


    Isabel Sterling

    Hi all!

    I wasn’t sure whether I was going to do Camp NaNo this year (since I’m still in revision mode), but I figure, why not? Let’s do this!

    Name: Isabel

    Username: Isabel Sterling

    WIP: Revising YA high fantasy A STOLEN THRONE and drafting YA novel MY FROZEN DREAMS

    Goal: Besides trying to  balance a fantasy revision w/ a contemporary draft? 😉 Make steady progress on revision (hopefully finish by mid-to-late April) and write a 50-65K first draft for the contemporary novel.

    Cabin: I’m not in one yet, but I added as many of you fine writerly folks as I could fit 🙂



    Name: Alex
    Work In Progress:  an Untitled YA Fantasy that’s a very loose retelling of Little Red Riding Hood (as in, she has a red cloak and she travels through a forest and that’s where the similarities end).
    Goal: I couldn’t do Nano in Nov, so I’m going for the full 50K now!
    Username: lexidigg
    Cabin: I don’t have one! Request me! 🙂



    Name: Anna

    Username: anna.leighton

    Work In Progress: The third draft of my YA Scifi novel currently called Forsynthia

    Goal: Write as much as possible (April is my last month of school this year so I’ll be super busy but I at least want to try!)

    Cabin: Currently unsorted



    Name: Fida

    Username: fislaih

    Project: TELL YOUR LOVE, a companion novel in verse to MAYBE LOVING YOU.

    Goal: ~40k

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    So guys, will we all be in the same cabin? How’ll it work?



    I’ll add your username to my cabin and fingers crossed! I’m Niknakz 😀



    Hello everyone!! I’ve never done camp  before, so I’m pretty pumped about it!!!

    Name: Rachel 🙂

    Work In Progress: untitled modern King Arthur project

    Goal:40k – I started writing already and hope to write the second half in April for about 80k total

    Username: rhansen620

    Cabin: I’m no in one yet!

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