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    Dear Susan,

    I’m an aspiring writer, and I’m in the midst of writing a book called And The Light Will Darken. I’m kinda working on a tight schedule (only a few months left to finish it!), but I am having zero incentive to write. I have pages upon pages of notes, lists of Magical Cookies (thanks for that! It really helped with another book I’m writing!), months of planning, maps, sketches and tons of attempts at first drafts. I know my characters and my world (or at least I think I do, they’re tricky little peeps!), but every time I put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, and I just sit there staring at my screen/paper. I just totally blank out on what to write, even when I know what I want. Do you have any helpful tips about what I could do to unblock myself? I really want to tell this story and share these characters with people, but I have no idea how to do it in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore, and gets everything I want to put in the story across. I hope that makes sense.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and while you actually remind me quite a bit of my own Threadsister (Don’t worry! That’s a good thing!), I have a feeling you know a bit more about the ins and outs of writing than she does. Her way of motivating me is confiscating my library card until I ‘finish writing the stupid thing!’ (her words, not mine).

    Thank you so much (and not only for being an awesome source of writing information, but for also writing the god-like miracles that is your books. I think I died. Like, twice. Or three times. Actually, on every single page. Thanks for that. You have ruined and completed my life!)



    P.S.-I have a first chapter written that I am mildly satisfied with, and if it’s not too much trouble (and if you have time), could you take a look at it? It would be a big help!

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